Fjordfiesta Scandia Senior Easy Swivel Chair by Hans Brattrud


Fjordfiesta Scandia senior easy swivel chair by Hans Brattrud is one of very few Norwegian furniture design classics that is known internationally. The Scandia Series of chairs fell out of production in the 1970s when the original factory burned down. Fjordfiesta has worked closely with Hans Brattrud to bring these classic chairs back, with careful attention to the original detailing and design.

Scandia Senior Easy Chair and leather neck cushion is a comfortable high-back easy chair on a satin swivel base.

Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: 26" W x 40" H x 32" D; Seat Depth: 20”, Seat Height: 15”

  • Period: 1970s

  • Condition: Good condition

  • Materials: Laminated oak wood and leather headrest

  • Origin: Norway

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