Our Story

Somerset House began as a retail space (in Williamsburg, BK), which housed a growing collection of vintage furniture and collectible items sourced from founder Alan Eckstein's past interior design and staging projects. After a positive response, the retail space quickly evolved into a more carefully curated gallery and studio - a place where Alan could cultivate a beautiful collection and build on relationships with other designers, creatives and peers. The showroom acts as a stage for the vision Somerset House has created and carries through to staging and design work in its purest form. Our aesthetic brings together a culmination of different cultures and eras from Italian and Danish Modern mixed with a sprinkling of Baroque and Primitive influences. We are drawn to pieces and combinations of pieces that are truly unique and one of a kind.

"Alan, who has spent his free time over the past years amassing a respectable collection of international and domestic vintage design, began to move into the world of interior staging after a townhouse in Manhattan’s West Village that he staged in 2019 sold in just a matter of weeks. Staging, which is intended to bring out the best of a space through thoughtful styling of furniture and objects, was a way for Alan to apply his love of interiors and to share highlights from his large collection, pieces that deserved to be shown and shared.”

-Architectural Digest, Clever